Or do you sometimes have to "adjust" the dream so you can live it? Living in London at the moment with the weather all crappy has got me dreaming about another life. 
All I'm asking for is a little sunshine (actually a lot of sunshine...every day) and maybe a beach to hang out at.


happy friday y'all

ok so I had the worst nights sleep ever and still have work tomorrow but i'm try to keep a positive vibe going here x




in the process of buying a new home. getting super excited and inspired. photos from theselby x


midnight in shoreditch

had a bit of a midnight in paris moment on saturday night when my friends and i tried to find a bar to have a few more drinks in after we'd been kicked out of the pub we'd been in previously. lucky for us we spotted a warm looking little cafe under the bridge on kingsland road. walking through the door felt like you were stepping back in time due to the victorian decor and 1920's style music being played. definitely the kind of place you could spend hours chilling out in and definitely worth checking out if you're in the area. 
we chose to drink whisky on ice till two in the morning...just make sure you take cash as due to the proper old skool cash register they dont accept cards...top marks for authenticity.